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Our 8z Select System

Choose How You Sell: Always Providing Clients Options

8z is the modern brokerage for the modern market. With 8z Select, we provide all option for our clients, so you can SELECT the best opportunity for you.

Open Market:

Hoping to take advantage of our competitive market? Leveraging our Listing Concierge for home improvement and staging services to maximize your offers and receive the greatest market value.


Looking to buy, but nervous about the low inventory of homes to chose from? 9z's solution helps you buy and move into your new home first with a powerful, all-cash offer, and sell your existing property later.

Instant Sale: Wishing to get into your next home quickly? Consider Instant Sale, which allows you to skip the hassle of prepping you home for sale, compare all cash offers, and walk away from the closing table in as little as 7 days.

Let's discuss what is best for you, ask away. I am always here.

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